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Lead Gen & Appointment Setting

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Scale Your Team

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I got the automated appointment setting system from Christa a year ago, she got on Zoom with me & helped me set it all up, now we are closing a deal a day.

-Jeff Peterson, Solar Pros

I closed 4 deals in my first week of using the dialer & crm from Christa's remote appointment setting program. I LOVE THIS DIALER! We are sending appointments to 12 closers & I can't thank Christa enough.

-January Harrison, Titan Solar

Three appointments sat now & two deals closed. Another appointment tomorrow which is 19kw, huge install! If he gets that one tomorrow, I'll be sitting at over $10k for the month so far. Has only ran for 5 days.

-Ann M.

Hit Christa Kieffer up for your Call Center Needs!

-Charlie Stevens, Powur

It took me a while to get rolling, Christa actually helped me recruit a couple of setters from her own job post, now my setters are setting appointments every day over the phones & our team is closing deals!

-Asked to stay anonymous due to starting his own competitive services (which hasn't bothered me because they cost more for similar results)

Every day I keep waking up to more electric bills on auto pilot! I was doing this by myself & now I have my own setter, after only a few weeks! Thanks Christa, I will keep sending you results daily!

-Jarred Scott, Apricot Solar

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